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In the Embrace of Tango: Argentinian Tango and Jewish Diaspora


This program explores Argentine tango and its crossed-path with Jewish culture: tango in the pre-WWII Europe, later in the ghettos, in the early 20th century NYC and Buenos Aires Yiddish theater and through compositions of the first generation of Argentine-Jewish composers.

The LGTE collaboration with UNCG University Chorale.
Carol Ott, conductor
(Greensboro, NC-October 20th, 2019)

Some of the tangos in Yiddish, Spanish and English that make the repertoire of this concert program:


My Yiddishe Momme  (J. Yellen & L. Pollack)


Frilling  (A. Brunod & Sh. Katcherginski)


Papirosn  (traditional; H. Yablokoff)


Olvido  (L. Rubistein & L. Amadori)


Nuestro Balance  (Bernardo Mitnik Lerman)

and other works, all arranged for the Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble and choir by Alejandro Rutty.

Concerts were presented at the Levin Jewish Community Center (Durham), for the Shalom Club (Raleigh) and in a mini-workshop and concert along with the singer-students of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro University Chorale (Carol Ott, conductor) and tango dancers Eduardo and Alicia Lazarowski (Durham-Tango).

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