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Because the Oceans Project

Artist Collective Focused on Environmental Issues

Scott MacLeod, baritone

Lorena Guillén, soprano

Anja Arko, piano

Alejandro Rutty, electric bass

Our Story

What started as "a commission for a vocal duet with piano"  transformed itself into a full project of passion, adventure and discovery.  Baritone Scott MacLeod and his incredibly clear and precise sound, Lorena Guillén and her world of sonic images, Anja Arko with her "all-weather virtuosity" and Alejandro Rutty with a bass that acts as if it were a guitar.


The first recording of the quartet, with its eye-opening text (from the IPCC report), is as informative as its music composed by Rutty is moving. We performed the piece "Beause the Oceans" along with a whole program of music related to environmental issues in Cassis, France, in Monaco,  in Greensboro NC and in Washington DC., at the National Gallery of Art. It looks like we'll be able to take it to other parts of the world...

Now, we are proud to present to the audiences our recording of "Because the Oceans":

Recorded at Manifold Studios, Pittsboro, NC.
Edited by Alejandro Rutty
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Wimberley at Night Sound Studios, Carrboro, NC
Cover Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel
01 - Because the Oceans  EP cover.webp

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